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Premium Quality Slashers, Mowers, Mulchers & Landscape Equipment for our Australian Conditions

For over 15 years Woods Equipment Australia has supplied premium quality slashers, mowers, mulchers and landscape equipment for Australian conditions. Woods Equipment Australia are backed by a network of dealers across Australia. We are proud to be your local Woods dealers and are prepared to handle all your sales and service needs.

Single Spindle Slashers

Woods Single Spindle Slashers are available from a 1m (3.5’) – 2.13m (7’) cut. The RC Series is a Light-Duty slasher range and the Brushbull Series is a Heavy-Duty slasher range.

Woods’ RC Series Single Spindle Slasher is the ideal slasher for your compact or sub compact tractor, or if you are looking for a Light-Duty slasher for everyday slashing. The Woods RC Series Single Spindle Slasher Series is available in a 1m (3.5’) – 1.8m (6’) cut.

The Woods Standard, Heavy and Extreme Heavy-Duty Single Spindle Slasher Series is perfect for tractors with up to 210 PTO horsepower. With a cutting capacity of 50mm (2”) diameter material, the Brushbull Standard-Duty Series is ideal for slashing clean paddocks, maintaining fence lines and slashing around sheds.

With a cutting capacity of 75mm (3”) diameter material, the Brushbull Heavy-Duty Series is ideal for slashing paddocks with regrowth, roadways and pastures. Available in galvanised options and uprated with a heavier driveline with 4 plate clutch. With a cutting capacity of 100mm (4”) diameter material, the Brushbull Extreme Heavy-Duty Slasher is ideal for regrowth, rough terrain and contractors. Available in galvanised only. All Woods Single Spindle Brushbull Series are available in a 1.5m (5’) – 2.13m (7’) cut.

Woods Equipment Australia Brushbull Single Spindle Slasher

Dual Spindle Slashers

Woods Dual Spindle Slashers are available from a 2.4m (8’) – 3.6m (12’) cut in Standard-Duty and Heavy-Duty options. A Heavy-Duty Dual Spindle Woods Slasher will cut material up to 76mm (3”) in diameter. The Dual Spindle Series are available in both linkage and drawbar options. The Woods Dual Spindle series also features a hydraulic heavy duty offset dual spindle in both a 2.4m (8’) and 3m (10’) cut.

The Woods Dual Spindle Slashers have a comparable output to a flail mower or mulcher with the benefit of considerably reduced maintenance and running costs. Another benefit of the Dual Spindle is the volume of work able to be completed with a smaller horsepower as the cutting width is up to 50% more on a dual spindle compared with a single spindle.

Woods Equipment Australia Dual Spindle Slasher

Batwing Slashers

Woods Batwing Slashers are available in 3.6m (12’), 4.5m (15’) or 6m (20’) models in Light-Duty, Standard-Duty, Heavy-Duty and Extreme Heavy-Duty. The Woods Batwing is the heaviest built flex-wing slasher in the Australian market and will cut material up to 115mm (4.5”) in diameter. The Woods Batwing flex-wing slasher can operate at 90° up and 22° down and can be operated in a vertical position allowing slasher over banks.

The extra-heavy output shaft allows the operator to cut heavier material and the PTO Assist Lift System takes the weight off the shaft for ease of hooking up PTO shaft by operator. The independent suspension in the wheels allows floatation for a smoother ride, less vibration on slasher and a more precise cut. The 25.5” new foam filled 20ply tyres will prevent any tyre punctures and the clean line prevents the build-up of trash on the top of the slasher for easy cleaning.

Woods Equipment Australia Batwing Flexwing Slasher

Finishing Mowers

The Woods Finishing Mower range is designed to deliver outstanding cut quality at a lower cost of ownership.

The Woods TurfKeeper Standard-Duty and Pro Heavy-Duty Finishing Mowers are designed for tractors up to 35 and 60 PTO horsepower with a cutting width from 1.5m (5’) – 1.83m (6’) in Standard-Duty and 1.5m (5’) – 2.1m (7’) in the Heavy-Duty. The Standard-Duty Finishing Mowers is ideal for mowing grass on a compact tractor in domestic and commercial applications, and the Heavy-Duty is ideal for commercial applications including vineyards, contractors, councils and orchards.

The Woods RD990X Finishing Mower is an Extra Heavy-Duty Finishing Mower with a 2.3m (8’) cutting width and a 75hp gearbox designed and manufactured for extreme usage and the most demanding applications.

The Woods TurfBatwing comes in the Wide Area Estate Standard-Duty model and the Heavy-Duty Commercial model. The Standard-Duty is a 3.8m (12.5’) cutting width designed for tractors with up to 60 PTO horsepower and the Heavy-Duty comes in 3.6m (12’) – 5.1m (17’) cut options designed for tractors between 35 and 100 PTO horsepower.

Woods Equipment Australia Finishing Mower

Landscape Equipment

Woods have a range of quality made and reliable landscape equipment designed to be durable in Australian conditions.

Rear Grader Blades: Ranging from Standard-Duty to Heavy-Duty grader blades, Woods have a rear grader blade to suit all applications including having a range to suit Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors. All tilt models of the Woods rear grader blades have a rotation of 360°. The reversible cutting edge provides a long service life. Cutting width ranges from 1.3m (4.6’) – 2.4m (8’).

Grading Scrapers: Woods Grading Scrapers are ideal for jobs such as levelling potholes in gravel driveways and smoothing soils. Woods have a Grading Scraper to suit all applications, including a model designed for Compact and Sub-Compact tractors. Woods Grading Scrapers all come with scarifiers. Cutting width varies from 1.5m (5’) – 2.4m (8’).

Box Scrapers: Ranging from Standard-Duty to Heavy-Duty hydraulic Box Scrapers, Woods have a box scraper to suit all applications. Cutting width varies from 1.35m (4.6’) – 2.4m (8’) with 12mm (0.5”) x 150mm (6”) reversible, bevelled, hardened cutting edges and high strength steel construction. All Woods Box Scrapers come with scarifiers.

Landscape Rakes: Woods have Landscape Rakes in Standard and Medium-Duty, built from high strength box-type beams and spring-steel tines handles rock, dirt and sand. The adjustable rake offers five forward and five reverse positions. Cutting widths from 1.3m (4.6’) – 2.4m (8’).

Woods Equipment Australia Grading Scraper

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