Baldan CRI Disc Harrow – A proven performer

The CRI range of disc harrows are one of Baldan’s most popular and longest running models. They are supplied world wide including into Australia since the mid 1990’s. They are a simple design that works well and gets the job done.

Featuring a 270mm disc spacing that allows for extra penetration and great trash handling. And this spacing is excellent for primary pass in crops such as Sugarcane, Rice & Cotton.

The CRI offset disc harrow has long life oil bath bearings with 2 years warranty. They are fitted on strong 1 5/8″ round axles. It has a strong, solid frame and the rear gang is filled with weight to balance the disc. This helps leave a nice level finish.

Like all Baldan offsets it has cast spool spacers which is heavy but small in diameter. This helps with clearance and to achieve extra depth so you can get the most out of your disc! It has manually adjustable gang angles, hydraulic lift and an adjustable draw bar. Mud scrapers are fitted standard. 


BALDAN | CRI | OFFSET DISC | 24 – 44 Specifications

Number of Discs: 24 – 44
Working Width: 3.1m – 5.9m
Disc Spacing: 270mm
HP Requirement: 125 – 230hp
Disc Size: 26″ x 6mm or 28″ x 7.5mm
Weight: 2,540 – 5,100kg
11 x 15 tyres standard on 24 up to 30 plate models
400/60 x 15.5 tyres standard on 32 up to 44 plate models


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