Maxxum Range

112 - 150 Horsepower

Maxxum tractors have joined the ranks of Case IH high horsepower tractors powered by FPT engines with proven technology that provides increased performance and fuel efficiency. Maxxum tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing. In addition to enhanced cab visibility and thoughtfully designed controls and comfort.



Fuel efficiency and reliability are hallmarks of the proven, Tier III engine in Case IH Maxxum models. This mechanical 2-valve per cylinder engine includes minimal electronics, for no nonsense control and horsepower without the frills. Easy to maintain and service, this workhorse will prove itself for years in the field.

Maxxum CVT

The Maxxum CVT Efficient Power models feature a CVT transmission with DKT Double Clutch Technology to deliver a smooth ride and the best fuel and power efficiency. The APM Automatic Productivity Management works behind the scenes to keep fuel consumption down to a minimum. By coordinating the engine, transmission and PTO with the Multicontroller or the travel pedal you achieve the ideal balance of fuel efficiency and power.

The new, highly efficient CVT transmission takes you from 0 to 50 kph smoothly and without torque interruption. The Active Stop feature prevents the tractor from rolling back on the steepest slopes, even with fully loaded trailers, and allows you to pull away effortlessly without using clutch. The double clutch technology DKTTM (Doppel Kupplungs Technologie) enables you to shift working ranges seamlessly, optimising transmission performance to deliver a smooth ride and high fuel effieciency.

Livestock? Row crop? Roadside mowing?

The Case IH Maxxum series offers you state-of-the-art features to help deliver better productivity and greater profitability. These tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing with enhanced cab visibility plus power, fuel economy, ease of use and solid performance.

A hard-working, versatile workhorse

Nothing beats Case IH Maxxum tractors for flexibility, maneuverability and serviceability. Here’s the ideal tractor for the midsize farm, loader applications, haymaking, mowing, mixed farming operations with crops and livestock, and more. Get all the industry-leading features you want – and nothing you don’t – on this powerful, multipurpose machine.


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Cab suspension


Reducing the shock loads to the operator by 25 percent, the Maxxum cab suspension offers superior operator comfort, both on the road and in the field. Designed with durable components, this continuously active, adjustable system offers five settings and a full four inches of cab travel.

Premium air seat


The air seat offers the latest in comfort technologies. It is equipped with a low-frequency suspension system, a retractable seat belt, an adjustable armrest and backrest, lumbar support, and base cushion adjustment.

Better visibility


The Maxxum SurroundVision cab offers unobstructed vision in all directions, including a high-visibility roof panel with optional opening window. The narrow, sloping hood is closely formed around the engine for excellent visibility of front-mounted implements.