Hay Equipment

Case IH integrated a multitude of features into the new RB design so that every model is capable of baling the heaviest crop with remarkable speed and efficiency. The bale size can be altered and monitored from the comfort of the tractor seat and the wrapping system is unbeatable – so there’s no need for you to worry about the crop type or conditions; you just follow the swath.


Operator Controls

Whether you use the ISObus monitor in your tractor or the Case IH AFS Pro 300 touchscreen monitor, the baler’s standardised software and intuitive operator interface keeps you in total control from the moment you start to bale. You can make tuning adjustments on the move without leaving your seat and the self-diagnostic alarm system will keep you fully informed should any problem arise.



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Pick-Up and Cutting

You can count on the RB variable chamber balers to work at high speed with great precision, leaving no trace of crop in the field, delivering high productivity in all conditions and all crops. The5-bar pick-up is designed to make short work of heavy windrows. The pick-up feeds the rotor feeder or cutter through an enlarged opening so that it can easily handle heavy crops.

Robust, reliable, long lasting

Bale Formation

The variable chamber is perfect for customers who need a flexible bale size to suit their crop and storage conditions. To produce the ideal core, belt tension and core density are controlled by coil springs. As soon as the core is formed and the bale starts to grow, the belt tension and density are increased dramatically. For exceptionally high density requirements, powerful dual hydraulic density cylinders control the position of the belt tension arm. In cab adjustable, density control allows the operator to make precise and accurate adjustments to suit crop conditions and customer bale density requirements. During operation a pressure indicator gauge can be viewed from the cab.

Binding and Wrapping

Binding and Wrapping

This fast and efficient net wrapping system positively places the net around the bale covering the edges of the bale. The number of wraps can be adjusted from the monitor to suit customer requirements. Even when the crop is wet, wilted or dry, the RB will deliver long-lasting weather resistant bales time after time.